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UFC FOR PERTH Petition Up and Running

October 09, 2015


For more than two years the Mixed Martial Arts community in Western Australia has been sold out by ill informed, ignorant and out of touch politicians. It is time to overturn the ridiculous ban on fenced enclosures so we can finally have a UFC event in Perth.


I truly believe the ban on fenced enclosures (such as the UFC's Octagon) in MMA since 2013 by the Western Australian Government is plainly wrong. Unfortunately this ban has prevented the most professional MMA promotion - the UFC from coming to Perth.


Mix Martial Arts is not banned in Western Australia – what makes it safer however is the fenced enclosure.


The UFC will not come to Perth and risk the safety of their fighters by competing in a boxing ring. The only way that the UFC will come to Perth is if the ban on fenced enclosures is overturned.


Perth is also missing out on the economic impact that Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide and soon Melbourne have and will benefit from. How is this ban benefitting Western Australian’s?


The ignorant politicians in the WA State Government believe they know best and even went against the advice of the WA Combat Sports Commission by banning fenced enclosures in MMA. Mr Barnett and his colleagues have definitely got it wrong with this one.


They say that this sport fuels anti-social behaviour without properly understanding how much effort goes into ensuring the safety of the sports’ participants before, during and after competition. They would judge the people who support and live for this sport just because it is something that they themselves don’t agree with.


The Barnett Government needs to wake up and accept that they aren’t an authority on everything. Their fingers aren’t on the pulse in terms of what a significant number of Western Australian’s want and they are severely out of touch with many if they think that a UFC event in Perth is not wanted.


That is why I have started this petition 


You can also watch my speech in Parliament or see the transcript and banner image attached.



When I met with representatives from the UFC in Adelaide this year, I was assured that - THE UFC WILL COME TO PERTH WHEN THIS BAN IS OVERTURNED.